SPELT Introduction

The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) is a registered, non-political, non-government (NGO), voluntary body of English Language teachers from schools, colleges and universities. Formed in 1984, in Karachi, it is dedicated to improving the standard of English teaching and learning in Pakistan. SPELT operates on the principle of team work and self help to enable maximum exploitation of the limited resources available in the country. As a body it attempts to be well informed about recent developments in teaching techniques, which invariably need to be modified in order to suit the needs and limitations of the Pakistani situation. It is affiliated with a number of international organizations like TESOL (USA), IATEFL (UK), RELC (Singapore), TESOL (Greece)


  1. To provide a professional forum for English language teachers in Pakistan.
  2. To serve as a centre for the dissemination of current ideas and developments in ELT.
  3. To provide in-service courses, seminars and workshops in ELT.
  4. To build up a resource centre, complete with up to-date ELT materials and audio-visual aids, with loan facilities for members.

In order to meet these objectives SPELT has initiated four major projects:

Monthly Academic Sessions

Academic sessions are held every month in which both members and non-members are free to participate. These sessions provide teachers, planners, administrators and researchers a platform for regular sharing of problems, ideas and experiences related to ELT, based on personal experiences. The Academic Co-ordinator is responsible for the sessions in each chapter.


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