SPELT’s mission statement is to provide a professional forum for its members and practitioners teaching English as a Foreign/Second language to facilitate effective communication and improve the teaching/learning standards of English inPakistan.


  • SPELT organizes academic sessions, professional development programmes, and teacher-research.
  • SPELT networks with sister organizations worldwide to disseminate share ideas and methodologies appropriate for the local situation.
  • SPELT produces high quality contextually suitable materials to support the professional development of its members.
  • SPELT collaborates with government agencies to develop textbooks for the public sector.
  • SPELT actively supports environmental, peace and human rights issues through its published materials and workshops.

SPELT ACTIVITIES: Update Karachi (other Chapters/ Units run similar programs)

  1. 319 academic sessions held every last Saturday of the month since 1984
  2. 88 short courses on vital issues in English Language Teaching
  3. 22 year-long courses titled Practical Teacher Training Course (PTTC)
  4. 25 Certificate courses (COTE) now ICELT International Certificate in English Language Teaching Cambridge University, UK.  
  5. 26 international conferences which reach out to over 3000 teachers
  6. Quarterly Journal 4 times a year since 1985 provides support to teachers throughoutPakistan
  7. Teacher initiated research projects with British Council,Pakistanand TESOLUSA
  8. Hornby Summer Schools inPakistan, 2003-05: In collaboration with the British Council and CEL, AKU
  9. At the SPELT Annual Conference 2008.Introducing the Urdu strand for the fourth time in Pakistan
  10. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program: A project of Education Department, Government of Sindh,  in which 375 government teachers and 6000 educated, unemployed youth were trained in ELT, pedagogy, leadership, science, math and English proficiency.
  11. In collaboration with Ed Links trained 425 teachers in English Language Proficiency and  Communication Skills in Sindh and Baluchistan


National Organization: Head Office,Karachi


Islamabad,Lahoreand Abbottabad


Multan and Sukkur


Non-hierarchical; seven chapter coordinators with sub-committees.

Working Committee:

Meets once a month, in addition to sub-committee meetings at least once a month.


Elections are held every December, for 2 year term posts of coordinators, who can be re-elected for a second term only. (Members vote to fill three positions in one year and four positions the next year, in order to maintain continuity).


Self generated through conferences projects, course fees and advertisements.


Audited annually by a chartered accountants firm.


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